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Canberra Electricians will Help You with all your Domestic Electrical Repairs and Installations in Canberra.

Our lives depend on electricity whether we get it from the grid, off the grid or from our own solar panels. Imagine how we would cook, heat or air condition our homes without electricity and don’t forget the entertainment units. It’s electricity that keeps your home running. Canberra Electricians provide electrical solutions for your domestic electrical needs.

Whether you need minor maintenance and repairs, installations or any other aspect of domestic electrical work, you can depend on our specialist technicians to get the job done. What’s more, you can rely on us to provide friendly and courteous customer service at all times.

Your Safety is our business.

Canberra Electricians

  • Indoor Lighting Replacement And Installations
  • Rewiring and Renovations
  • Power Point Installations and Replacement
  • Heating Installations and Repairs
  • Ceiling Fan Installation and Replacement
  • TV Cabling
  • 3-Phase Power
  • Sensor and Security Lighting
  • Hot Water System Repairs
  • Safety Inspections
  • Hard Wiring Of Smoke alarms
  • Phone And Broadband Cabling
  • Switchboard Upgrades and repairs
  • Safety Switch Installations
  • Outdoor Lighting Replacement And Installations
  • Tastic Or Heat Lamp Installations Ad Replacements
  • Oven And Hot Plate Installations And Repairs
  • Computer Cabling
  • Pool, Garden And Feature Lighting

Canberra Electricians

Our electricians take pride in their work and only ever use top brand materials. For this reason every job they undertake will be completed to the highest industry standards.

Canberra Electricians have a strong sense of commitment to providing satisfaction to every single customer.


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Indoor Lighting

Nothing can have a bigger impact on you or impress you more than a stunning lighting arrangement in your home. When you have a dinner party or just have friends over for a relaxing afternoon nothing speaks louder and can create a more ambient feel than lighting that has been done right.

Creating an encouraging and comfortable experience for esteemed visitors and indeed, your own family, allows people to be more effective when they are working and comfortable when they are relaxing. It may require two different types of lighting in the one area to satisfy these 2 different types of needs.

Electricians Canberra

The type of light you need when you are working might need to be bright white light whereas when you are relaxing you might want a softer dimmer light. Both these things can be achieved with the help of a good electrician. Creating the right type of indoor lighting to suit your needs might not be that easy for you to figure out so calling an electrician can make the task easier for you to get a satisfying result.

Try and keep your tasks fun don’t get too serious about it.

You can also get advice from a lighting store because the people that work there usually know a fair bit about their lights and lighting products. Or you can also look online and get lighting products delivered to your home.

There are a variety of products for the home and don’t forget candles of course because they add atmosphere and also help you relax with your friends or can be nice if you are soaking in a tub or to create mood lighting in your bedroom.

Indoor Lighting

Go to a lighting showroom and enquire about dining room lighting, living room lighting, kitchen lighting, bedroom lighting, bathroom lighting, workroom lighting and home office lighting.

In a dining room using lighting with dimmer switches, have chandeliers and candles. If you are using dimmer switches don’t have all your lights on the one switch. Have every light on a separate switch to give yourself a lot of flexibility.

Now, depending on what type of living room you have, whether it be really roomy or smaller and more intimate, work out if you want downlights, LED lighting, dimmers, chandeliers, wall sconces or spot lights on rails.

In a kitchen you can use subtle tricks like this: use the right colour bulb to enhance the colour of your kitchen. Fluoro lights can make grey and blue kitchens look really good whereas white bulbs might really make a kitchen with warm colours look really great. Play around with this. Don’t just be tricked into thinking one bulb fits all. Strips of LED lighting under the wall cabinets will give that much-needed light to your food preparation benches. These should also help cut down your electricity bills which these days is of paramount importance.

White luxury bathroom 2

In the bedroom, you need to compartmentalise what tasks will be done in which sector and where you sleep and adjust the lighting accordingly. Make sure you don’t forget a reading light for those nights you want to curl up in bed and read.

Night lights are covered on another page.

Powder Rooms can be made to tantalising with candles, wall sconces, dimmer lights, bright lights, LED lights around the mirror. Look through magazines and scour the internet and you will find what you are looking for.

The safety of family and friends at your home is a priority at all times.




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