Ceiling Fans Versus Wall Fans

Ceiling Fans Versus Wall Fans

I have just done a study on fans and have only just come to realize that wall fans exist. I find that astounding since I am in my sixties.

Why are ceiling fans used so often when wall fans would be far more suitable? Now that I have discovered wall fans I can immediately think of some really great places to put them. I have houses where I can install them; I have a house where the ceiling is too low and the wall mounted fan would be the perfect solution. I have one that is on a stand but it is easily knocked over so a fan on the wall would be perfect.

wall fans

A house that has raked ceilings or just plain high flat ceilings could be a challenge when it comes to ceiling fans so wall fans would be far more suitable. This reliable and easy remedy is not cost ineffective and in no way do you miss out on the outcome you were after. Both need to be installed by a sparky but the rewards you get needless to say will be many.

A wall fan will perform just as well if not better than a ceiling fan because it can be angled to the exact spot you need it. It has more flexibility in many ways than a ceiling fan.

I saw a coast house the other day and in one of the bedrooms, there is a ceiling fan that should not be there. The ceiling is way too low and there is a bunk bed there  and if the fan were put on it could be dangerous so the perfect solution would have obviously been a wall fan but the owners like me were probably not aware that wall fans existed.

Wall fans

Fans are an inexpensive and very workable item when compared to an air-conditioner. If you cannot afford air conditioning which is relatively expensive a fan is always your best friend on those unbearably hot days of summer.

I enjoy having the fan on low in my bedroom on a hot night and I can usually go to sleep very comfortably. I do have an air conditioner and I use it only on the rarest of occasions when I am sleeping because it gets too cold for me.

So now that you know about wall fans don’t forget that in a large room a few strategically placed and angled wall fans will probably serve you better than one or two ceiling fans.

For me, this has been a very interesting electrical discovery and should you need a ceiling or a wall fan installed don’t hesitate to call on 62300500 and we will send you an electrician to install the fans you have chosen for yourself. Cheers.

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